Care for your feet and they will take care of you






 Foot Care Services

Foot care services provided include both Nursing foot care and wound care  in the clinic,private homes, retirement homes, seniors buildings,  long term care homes, hospital and foot care in organizations and retail locations.  

Services start with a Complete Health History & a full Foot care  assessment including , diabetic client foot assessment, risk assessment for falls, risk assessment for ulcers, and assessment of  footwear

     Services can include :Complete trimming , reducing and filing  of uncomplicated and complicated nails, and Non-surgical Ingrown toe nail corrections, softening ,reduction and buffing of corns and calluses and plantar wart treatment 

Wound care provided per physician order.

Application of non-medicated strapping or padding, if indicated is also available 

Foot Care and Footwear education always provided ,Orthopediec Footwear may be ordered .

Receipts for tax and insurance purposes provided.




The Assessment

All foot care services begin with a nursing  assessment to help clients understand their risk factors and

identify foot problems.





The Patient Care Team approach


Assessments findings may lead to Referrals   made to these appropriate  professionals, with written consent:

 Physician ,   Podiatrist, , Chiropodist, Registered Physiotherapist, Pedorthist ,  Dietitian, Diabetic Educator, Registered Massage  Therapist